bluestockingmoth asked:

I really dislike this trend where the back of a shirt is significantly longer than the front. I keep picking up shirts I like and then notice this--they just cover up my ass and I get no shape to my backside. Anyhow, I always assumed these became popular so that women could wear leggings and the backs cover their butt, but I'm not sure if this is actually true. I am not sure if I just don't like the look of it or if I am I just wearing these shirts "wrong"--any insight?

I have no clue why the trend started. It’s incredibly insightful to think that the trend started in effort to combat the see-through leggings issue, but somehow I highly doubt that’s how it happened. High-low skirts and dresses have been recently popular, so it’s possible designers decided to just move the silhouette up a little higher.

It is totally possible that you just don’t like the look, and that’s 100% okay! I think the only way to wear the shirt wrong is if the outfit as a whole isn’t balanced. Because this is something that skims your hips, you’re going to want to stay away from flared bottoms such as A-line of skater skirts. Pretty much anything else should work though. If you’re worrying about a lack of shape, you could try pairing the shirt with a belt on your high-waist, if the shirt is kind of long in the front. You probably wouldn’t want to wear a belt with a shirt that’s kind of cropped in the front.

Hope this helps! :)

You’re probably aware by now, but just in case you didn’t get the hint…

I’m on a bit of a hiatus.

Hanover was far too cold for even me to look fabulous on the daily. Then, term got super busy and spending time to get the perfect selfie was not super high on my list of priorities. Now I’m at home on spring break spending most of my days home in my pajamas which, unfortunately, are not OOTD worthy.

But! Do not fret! Spring term is right around the corner and I promise I will get back to serving my daily fab, which will be much easier to capture since my photographer buddy will be back on campus.

Oh! And as soon as I get access to the photos, I’ll give you guys a little peek into the two costume design projects I worked on this term. :)